Our Trusteeze ManagerTM enables trust service providers to draft a new/amended trust deed, as well as a last will and testament for their clients, making sure that the documents being generated by the Trusteeze ManagerTM meet all legal requirements, in alignment with their clients' estate plans, and more specifically their trusts.

Our solution includes a unique, online, seamless document storage, administration, banking, accounting and taxation platform for trusts. We pride ourselves in the fact that our Trusteeze ManagerTM platform does not generate a vanilla, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all trust deed that has been copied and pasted. The trust service provider can tailor each trust deed to each client's specific requirements by following a wizard with different options. The selected options will be used to create the draft trust deed.


You can follow this link and set up a 30 to 40-minute obligation-free live demo to see what our platform can do and how it can assist you in servicing your clients:  https://calendly.com/trusteeze/demo-of-the-trusteeze-platform


Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form on the 'Contact us' tab and we will get in touch.

Kindly take note that the live demo time will not be used as a consultation time for trust enquiries.