Our Trusteeze Manager™ is a unique administration platform for trusts, aligning the legal, administrative, accounting and taxation interactions.


An opportunity to "white-label" the offering!

A well-planned and executed trust can protect your assets as well as grow and preserve your wealth in perpetuity. It’s all in the execution!!! This is exactly what Trusteeze is all about! We are the first all-in-one solution for complete trust structuring and compliance! We not only charge less, we provide a holistic solution to estate owners and provide more education and guidance than other trust administrators.

Trusteeze demystifies trusts, reduces reliance on attorneys and accountants, and gives some control back to the trust owner in this digital era.

Trusteeze embraces an approach of educating individuals around effective trust planning and administration, in order to empower themselves to take charge of their financial destiny, and mentors trustees to administer trusts properly to avoid it being declared null and void by SARS or creditors.

With decades of experience and an unbelievable amount of attention to detail, we really will guide you with everything to do with trust administration.


  • The system guides and disciplines trustees to meet their obligations and seek their participation in trust matters
  • The platform creates efficiencies and therefore reduces the administration burden of administrators
  • The system aligns the legal, administration, accounting and taxation interaction on one platform
  • The system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Trust Property Control Act and other SA legal requirements
  • The system provides full transparency to all interested parties

The Trusteeze solution

  • A unique, seamless, integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, banking, administration, compliance, accounting and taxation platform for trusts – as administration is done, accounting records automatically created, including an asset register
  • Data hosting by yourself ("white-label" partner)
  • Trust Deed, Will, all Master forms and related documents populated automatically
  • Built-in measures to limit powers and actions per trust, in terms of the trust deed
  • An electronic record is kept of all transactions and records related to the trust – providing an audit trail
  • Auto-allocation of recurring transactions and contractual transactions
  • Digital signature of trust documents
  • Electronic meeting room where trustees participate in meetings and meetings are recorded
  • POPI compliant


  • No other international application integrates administration with accounting on one single platform
  • International digital offerings are expensive
  • The Trusteeze platform is flexible and easily adaptable to different country requirements
  • Great solution for international clients who want to keep track of their affairs without being implied to participate in "effective management" of the trust
  • 100% transparency
  • Real time administration and accounting
  • Cost effective
  • Less reliance on service providers to field emails from clients to provide information – element of self-service
  • GDPR compliant


  • Process whereby leads are converted to active trusts
  • On-boarding client with all relevant trust details
  • Gathering and verification of documentation related to the trust
  • Automatic population of relevant Master forms
  • Communication with client
  • Annual meetings and minutes

Trust Administration

  • Complete digital trust administration and record keeping, including automatic resolutions
  • Different user rights, block information from unauthorised users
  • Tracking of outstanding administration and compliance
  • Automatic accounting whilst doing the administration; all recurring transactions created automatically
  • Financial statements created and tax returns submitted