Trusteeze Manager™ is an online, real-time accounting, banking and administration software system for trusts.

Many issues arise in the trust industry as a result of having a different lawyer and accountant working on your trust. When you add a different professional to do your will, it creates even further issues of misalignment. Trusteeze specifically addressed the above challenges and developed a holistic solution to assist trust owners to protect and preserve their wealth.

We have demystified trusts and developed a cost effective tool that trustees can use to put the power back into their hands, in order to control trusts properly. In this digital era, people generally want to have better control over their affairs, and have access to their trust documents. The system will empower people and assist them with their asset protection, trust and estate planning, continuity and liquidity.

Trusteeze ManagerTM offers:

1. Guided on-boarding of trusts

Based on the structure of the trust, Trusteeze ManagerTM will generate a list of required documents and keep track of which have been uploaded.

2. Automatic generation of forms

Once the on-boarding is complete, Trusteeze ManagerTM will generate all of the necessary Master's forms.

3. Pre-populated resolutions

All resolutions are pre-populated with your Trust's details and are available together with your Master's forms in one easy download.

Trusteeze ManagerTM is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Trust Property Control Act and other SA legal requirements.

All Trustees and service providers participate and work on the platform. As one transacts, all accounting and administration is taken care of instantly.

Subscribe and get the following:

  Central Document Storage

Trusteeze ManagerTM allows you to upload and store all trust-related documents in one secure location.

  Banking Integration

Banking statements are directly fed into Trusteeze ManagerTM, Trustees log in and allocate individual transactions.


Financial Statements are automatically prepared and Tax Returns are automatically submitted to SARS.

Trusteeze ManagerTM offers an electronic meeting room where all meetings are recorded and can be transcribed on request.


Trustees can now schedule and attend meetings telephonically at the cost of a local call.


Meeting minutes can be simultaneously created/edited by all parties during or after a meeting, in real-time!


Recordings of each meeting are made available for download within minutes, transcriptions of the recordings are available on request.

Why Use Trusteeze ManagerTM

  • Trusteeze ManagerTM is unique – Trustees can manage their entire trust affairs on this platform and the process is seamless for the user, as financial entries are created in realtime as users do the administration themselves.
  • The platform is user friendly – Users are guided through each step to ensure that trusts comply with all legal requirements, whilst keeping accounting records up to date as trustees transact.
  • No financial expertise is required – all financial entries are created from a description of transaction types; therefore no debits and credits knowledge required. Trust specific financial statements can be printed after each transaction allocation.
  • Pre-populated resolutions are generated by the system and can be attached to each transaction (together with other relevant contracts, invoices and other documents), leaving an audit trail, should the trustees ever have to defend any transaction questioned by SARS or other creditors.
  • The platform gives all trustees access to a vault of trust documents – including trust deeds, Letters of Authority, minutes of meetings, trust contracts and resolutions for each transaction.
  • We educate and support Trustees – Our system guides and disciplines trustees to perform their duties and responsibilities. The platform also guides trustees on processes to follow in performing their duties as trustees. It is each trustee’s responsibility to participate in the trust’s affairs. Often trustees don’t understand what their fiduciary responsibilities are nor that they can be held personally liable if they do not act with the necessary care, diligence and skill which can reasonably be expected of a person who manages the affairs of another.

Get Started

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Our solution is available on a monthly subscription basis, which is paid for by means of a credit card.

Remember to review our Terms and conditions of subscription payment on the system.

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